Ethiopian rebel group accuses government of airstrikes


By ELIAS MESERET Associated Press

January 18, 2019 10:42 AM,

Updated 8 hours 9 minutes ago ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia

An Ethiopian rebel group recently welcomed back to the country accuses the reformist government of targeting it with airstrikes. The government denies it.

Tensions are growing with the Oromo Liberation Front, which a year ago was in exile and listed as a terror group after waging a deadly guerrilla war for self-determination. It was among a number of groups invited home to take part in political dialogue as part of sweeping reforms under Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. He took office in April.

The OLF on Thursday said Ethiopia’s air force carried out airstrikes in the western Oromia region on Jan. 12-13, saying seven civilians, including a baby, were killed.

“Trying to hide this attack is like trying to hide with a stolen camel,” the OLF said in a statement. It also accused Ethiopian troops of burning people’s houses and stealing their belongings.
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