Ethiopia: Security Forces Injure Arsi Univ. Medical Interns During Protest


Several interns and last year medical students in Arsi University, Assela city, 175 km south east of Addis Abeba, were injured this morning when security forces attempted to forcibly disperse them while demonstrating, a medical student at the university told Addis Standard.

Many of those hurt were treated for injuries including “nasal bone fracture,” the intern who wanted to remain anonymous, said.

The medical interns and last year medical students were demonstrating starting from 8:30 AM local time today when security forces arrived and began to disperse them forcibly. “I saw six policemen beating one female student,” the intern said.

The students were taking part of a protest which started by medical interns in Jimma University on April 11 after a medical intern was physically assaulted by a visiting relative of a patient she was attending to. But their demands were not limited to safety and security of interns in work places but against extended hours of work, most of the time up to 36 hours straight. “Medical Interns are no machines,” reads one of the banners they carried.


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