Britain’s coolest mayor is now Europe’s coolest MEP

The mayor who branded Donald Trump a ‘wasteman’ and banned him from his city has won a seat in the European Parliament. Magid Magid went viral last year after posing on top of a staircase banister for his official mayoral photo. The 29-year-old, who moved to Sheffield from Somalia when he was five, was both the youngest Lord Mayor the city has ever seen and the first Green Party councillor to take on the role. He hung up his mayoral boots earlier this month and announced he would be running in the European elections.

After winning his seat tonight, he tweeted: ‘We did it. Today is about a Green Wave cascading through Europe & landing on the shores of Yorkshire for the first time. We’re just getting started.

METRO GRAB taken from: Credit: Magic Magid/Twitter

This’ll be more than a fleeting midsummer night’s dream in Brussels. We’re going to turn the tide of history!’ The pro-EU politician was one of six MEPs elected in the Yorkshire and Humber region. Magid told last year that he wanted to bring attention to how ‘awful and disrespectful’ Trump is to the ‘lovely people of Sheffield’. He said: ‘Not that I think he will come to Sheffield, but it’s about sending a message to everybody else.

Mayor of Sheffield brands Donald Trump a 'wasteman' and bans him from the city METRO GRAB taken from: Credit: Magic Magid/Twitter

‘It’s time to show solidarity with the people of Mexico. I’ve spoken to quite a few of the Mexican community in Sheffield, and they said they were fully supportive of it.’ He is the first Lord Mayor to have a degree in marine biology and was once a contestant on Channel 4’s reality show The Hunted. Magid also became the first Lord Mayor to swear during his inaugural speech, when he thanked his mother ‘for putting up with all the shit’ he’d caused her over the years.



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