Here are three important facts to know:

FIRST, all indications are that the explosion in the Banadir Regional Administration (BRA) headquarters was a premeditated plot that targeted Engineer Yariisow and his team. And by all accounts, it was a conspiracy to assassinate the Governor/mayor

There are many unanswered questions. Chief among them are:

* Why did Farmaajo and the PM refused to conduct public enquiry so that security forces could find out what happened and who carried out that murderous plot killing many innocent Somalis and Engineer Yariisow?
* How did the explosive material brought into the building and how did the culprits got in and got away?
* How could the alleged blind woman carry out such a huge attack? Who helped her to gain access or plan and carry out such an attack?
* Why were security forces ordered to remove all the forensic evidence without properly being examined first? Where were the evidence taken? And do they show?
* Why were all the security cameras switched off?

SECOND, contrary to the cheap disinformation ploy Farmaajo employing; He did not renounce or relinquish his American citizenship at all. It is all lies. The fact is that the United States Government withdrew Farmaajo’s American citizenship.
There are established legal procedures that one has to go through in order to surrender American citizenship. The fact of the matter is that the Trump administration is tightening U.S. Immigration laws and as result, anyone who declares allegiance to a foreign government looses American citizenship. And Farmaajo falls into that category.

THIRD, yesterday, around 6pm Mogadishu time, the doctors at the Doha Medical Centre that was treating Eng Yariisow informed Farmaajo that Engineer Yariisow’s body was not taking enough oxygen and that he had only few hours to live. Hours later, Farmaajo assembled his team and ordered them to draft the false press release stating that he “renounced” his American citizenship. However, as stated above, the U.S Government withdrew his American citizenship.

Farmaajo has Qatar and Kenya, so he has nothing to worry about. And he has collected enough money to sustain himself for the rest of his live.


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